Revision 3.1 (1/2010)


1.     You FUCK UP, you drink.

2.     A drink, as defined by the World Class Beer Darts Players Association whereas referred as the WCBDPA, is 1 (one) shot of beer equal (=) to the amount of a shot glass.

a.     Shot Glasses have different size as referenced in Wikipedia entry for Shot Glass (

b.     WCBDPA has standardized on a 1oz shot glass with line

c.     (Anchor Hocking 5282/928U  2 oz Whiskey / Shot Glass with 1 oz Cap Line)

3.     Beer Darts is played on a standard dart board

a.     WCBDPA prefers all games are played on a bristle board.

b.     Since alcohol is served at bars and taverns, which usually don’t have bristle boards, soft tip boards can be used.

4.     Beer Darts board installations and throwing lines should be configured as standard in your country, state, planet or galaxy. In United States, Earth, Milky Way, the WCBDPA uses the standard layout described in Wikipedia entry for Darts (

5.     Beer Darts is played with 3 (three) shot glasses, for proper size, see rule 2

a.     The 3 (three) shot glass have to be FULL before a player can start his/her turn.

b.     If a standard shot glass is not available, all players need to agree on the amount of beverage to be consumed per assigned drink. This is not allowed to be a swallow of beer from a can or bottle. It must be a vessel which allows all players to visual monitor the filling of and be able to confirm the vessel has been properly emptied from a reasonable distance.

c.     An exception to the 3 shot glass rule can be made for reasons which may or may not be listed below

                                               i.     Player has some infectious disease, or thinks he/she/it has some infectious disease, or someone thinks he/she/it has an infectious disease ……

                                             ii.     Player is a whiny person and refuses to drink the same brand of beverage as the rest of the players in the game.

d.     If an exception has been made, a single shot glass can be assigned to a person, but the glass has to be FULL before the assigned player starts his/her turn.

6.     “You touch it, you drink it”

a.     If a player touches a shot glass when he/she/it has not been assigned a drink, the player is required to quaff, imbibe, and partake of the touched shot glass. All other filling and shot glass rules still apply

7.     The playing field is to be defined by the players before starting a game or a tournament. If the players fail to agree before the game starts then logic and reasonableness shall determine the playing area.

8.     Beer Darts can be played with 2 players (2PG) or 3 players (3PG), but not with four or more players since it has been written in these rules. Unless you need to play a larger game then following Rule #31, you can change the rule as you see fit.

9.     Any games which are not played or scored in a 2PG or 3PG fashion will not be entered into the official beer darts record system at

10.  Beer Darts game consists of each player throwing 3 (three) darts at each of the numbers 1 through 20, inclusive and in increasing numerical order starting with number 1. The first player will throw at a number and complete his turn (see Rule # 13). Then the second player will throw at the same number and complete his turn. Then the third player will throw at the same number and complete his turn unless your playing a 2PG then a spectator just screwed with the game and should be flogged. Once all the players of the game have thrown at the 1st number then they throw at the next number and so on.

11.  The first player is determined by the ever popular "corking" method. I.e. the closest dart to the bulls-eye after each person throws one dart.

12.  After "corking" and before the first official turn of a game or the first official game of a tournament. All players must salute to the lost shot glass of yesteryear "Butch". The salute is with 1 (one) shot of beer, saluted to the saying "To the Bitch that Stole Butch"

a.     The salute is always required before each game with different player configurations

b.     If the same players are playing an additional game in the same configuration during the same drinking situation or within a 6 hour window, a salute is not required. But out of respect for “Butch” should be performed anyway.

c.     In a tournament, all players are required to salute together before the first game of the tournament. This will satisfy the saluting requirement for the games played within the tournament. Any side game played during the tournament (editor note: only if you are a moron), or any games after you have been eliminated still have the above mentioned saluting requirement.

13.  Before a game can begin ALL shot glasses, being used for the game, need to be full.

14.  A turn begins when a player releases his 1st (first) dart and ends when a player has:

a.     Removed his/her/its darts from the dartboard

b.     Consumed any of his/her/its outstanding FUCK UP drinks

c.     Marked all FUCK UPS and/or Forced Drinks on the scoreboard or scoring system.

d.     Left the playing field (see rule 20)

15.  When a player hits the number that he is throwing for on his turn the opposing player or in a 3PG, the player or combination of players picked by the player, drinks the same number of drinks as hits. These are called Forced Drinks. The double ring and the triple ring are used to the fullest in this game.

16.  A FUCK UP includes, but is not limited to, :

a.     Failing to complete a full turn

b.     A thrown dart that has failed to penetrate and remain in the board through the player's turn

c.     Entering the playing field without proper cause

d.     Causing any and/or including all alcohol abuse

e.     During a standard 2PG or 3PG failing to fill ALL shot glasses after setting down the third empty shot glass

f.      Failing to drink all assigned drinks before starting turn.

17.  1/2 FUCK UPs include:

a.     The removal of a flight from a dart, except during a equipment time out

b.     Dropping a dart

c.     Having flight fall out of your dart during a turn.

18.  1/2 FUCK UPs are compounded

a.     Consumed only when 2 (two) 1/2 FUCK UPs are earned.

b.     Scored only when 2 (two) 1/2 FUCK UPs are earned.

19.  During the playing of a normal game of Beer Darts (One without a whiny player as described in Rule 5) where a standardized beverage is being used, the person filling the shot glass may yell “Beerrun” but this only allowed when the last container on the pouring table is empty and additional beverage is required to fill the shot glasses, as required by rule 5. When “Beerrun” has been yelled the player closest, physically, to the location where the extra beverages are being stored, has to RUN and retrieve 2 (two) beverages and place them on the pouring table.

20.  An equipment time out has to be requested from and agreed to by at least 1 (one) of the players of the game.

21.  A player has left the playing field when his gonads have crossed the plane of the edge of the playing field. In the event that a female is involved in game covered by these rules. The word gonads may be replaced in her case by the word labia.

22.  In the event that a player hits a Bull-eye during his turn, each player of the game will consume a drink for each Bulls-eye (2 for the inner, 1 for the outer) and the player will also score the same number of FUCK Ups for each of the other players.

23.  The tournament score of a player equals his forced drinks minus one half of his FUCK UPs.

24.  In the case of a tie, the game is scored as a tie in the records, but the players who are tied continue to play by starting over at 1 and continue until a player is winning after all tied players have completed a number.

25.  In the event a dart thrown fails to penetrate the board and in turn breaks or chips a shot glass being used in the game, the player that threw the dart must drink an entire 12oz. beer before continuing.

26.  Proper etiquette in a Beer Darts game consists of a few proper responses when a person has assigned the drinks to opponents and/or to themselves. (Assigned drinks includes all drinks assigned through Hits, FUCK UPSs or Bulls-Eyes)

a.     After the player assigns 4 drinks – response is “Asshole”

b.     After the player assigns 5 drinks – response is “Fuck You”

c.     After the player assigns 6 drinks – response is “Shithead”

d.     After the player assigns 7 drinks – response is “Damn You”

e.     After the player assigns 8 drinks – response is “Dumb Ass”

f.      After the player assigns 9 drinks without hitting 3 triples – “Idiot”

g.     If a player hits 3 triples, after the player assigns 9 drinks – response is a military style salute and extreme admiration.

h.     If a player hits 3 singles, after the player assigns 3 drinks – response is “Prick”

27.  Proper etiquette when drinking assigned drinks, as so not to violate rule 16f, if you cannot remember if you drank all your assigned shots and no one else can confirm, drink an additional shot just to be sure.

28.  Certain throwing outcomes have been given names by the WCBDPA, drunks, women, non-meeting attending alcoholics, and various other humans. The list of these names is below and is not considered to be complete, accurate or important.

a.     Failing to hit your required number by a large margin and then hitting a triple on your last throw, the dart is considered to be a “Last Dart Horseshit Triple”

b.     Failing to hit your required number by a large margin and then hitting a double on your last throw, the dart is considered to be a “Last Dart Ottershit double”

c.     If a player hits only 1 dart during his/her/its throw and it is a triple, the dart is considered a “Horse Dart”

d.     If a player hits only 1 dart during his/her/its throw and it is a double, the dart is considered a “Otter Dart”

e.     If a player hits only 1 dart during his/her/its throw and it is a single, the dart is worth 1 drink and the player is considered worthless.

29.  When a player is in the act of throwing, the other players and spectators
should avoid excessive movement in the player’s field of vision. Excessive
noise near the playing area should also be avoided.

30.  Intentionally distracting a player while he/she/it is throwing should not be permitted, and should be punishable by the WCBDPA

31.  Speed is of the essence. Any slacking, goofing off or intentional slowing of the game will not be tolerated.

32.  Anyone challenging the rules, an act sofore called "fucking with the rules", will be designated as such by the WCBDPA, and is punishable by the WCBDPA.

33.  Any rule shall and can be added or subtracted if agreed to by a majority of all player involved in any game or tournament that the above rules preside.